Exclusive First Look: Stance Unveils Milwaukee Bucks Official On-Court Socks (PHOTO)

by October 01, 2015

A few weeks back, Stance Socks unveiled the official 2015-16 on-court socks for six NBA teams. Since then, they’ve been rolling out each remaining team’s socks one by one. Today, we’ve got the exclusive on the next team to get its official on-court socks unveiled: the Milwaukee Bucks. Check out Trillwaukee’s socks:


Starting on Opening Night, the Bucks—and every other NBA team—will not only rock white and black socks, but also the team-specific color-coordinated socks like you see above, one of which even includes the team logo on the back.

Stance’s team socks will be available for fans at retail starting on October 15 at Stance.com and major retail partners like Foot Locker.