Footaction Helps Andre Drummond Elevate His Style

by Maurice Bobb / @ReeseReport

Detroit Pistons big man Andre Drummond finally had his proper coming out party during All-Star Weekend at the BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge. Playing like a man on a mission, Dre dropped 30 points and 25 rebounds on ‘em for a 142-136 win over Team Webber for Team Hill. After missing out on the game last year because of an injury, Drummond showed up and showed out for the W and the MVP hardware.

It was enough to make everyone take notice.

But for today’s NBA player, it’s not just about substance on the court, of which Drummond has boatloads; it’s about style off the court, too.

Normally, Drummond gets an assist from teammate Brandon Jennings, but while he was in New Orleans, the second-year player from UCONN got a style assist from the good folks at Footaction, who enlisted NBA stylist Rachel Johnson to dress him from head to toe in pieces from their impressive selection.

By the time the session was finished, the 6-10 center was photo shoot fresh and runway worthy.

SLAM caught up with the Mount Vernon, NY native to talk about how Footaction help him elevate his style and, of course, how his play as a rising star helped his evolution as a basketball player.

SLAM: You really made a statement in the Rising Stars game. Was that your intent?

Andre Drummond: I didn’t get a chance to play last year it was tough for me. I feel like I didn’t get a chance to show my actual talent and this year I came out and had my mind set on winning the MVP and winning the game, I told my family and friends that I’m going out to win the MVP and that’s what I went out and did.

SLAM: Your team is under .500. Do you think that keeps your from getting the props you deserve?

AD: This weekend, just being able to get away for a few days and clear your head and have some fun with your peers that you were drafted with and some of the new rookies that came in, too, it was great. It was an exciting game, you know, the battle between Dion [Waiters] and [Tim] Hardaway Jr, that’s gonna be talked about for quite some time, so it was just an exciting game overall.

SLAM: What’s your favorite part of All-Star Weekend?

AD: My favorite part of the weekend is the NBA Cares stuff and just being able to go out and just help people that really need it and seeing how happy they are to see us working on their house or building a playground. That just means so much to them, so for me, that touches me that I’m able to do things like that.

SLAM: Footaction really has you swagged out. What’s your normal style like?

AD: I’m a fashion killa. I’m from New York City, I’m from Mount Vernon. So we all can dress, we got the swag. I like to pattern myself after A$AP Rocky.

SLAM: Is it tough to find clothes that fit?

AD: It’s tough sometimes, but the best part about being in this League is I make a little money so I’m able to find tailors and find people to alter the clothes that I get.

SLAM: Are you surprised by the way Footaction was able to style you with their clothes?

AD: I didn’t even know their fashion style was this big honestly. I knew they had great footwear, but just being here and seeing the great stuff that they got, I’m real impressed.

SLAM: What has surprised you about the level of style in the NBA?

AD: Being here last year and just watching how guys dress and how they carry themselves, I just wanted to emulate that and carry myself as an All Star.

SLAM: David Stern just retired, but he’s mostly responsible for stepping up the level of fashion in today’s League. Do you think players would be this stylish without that rule change?

AD: I think with all the great fashion out there now, it would have hit eventually.

SLAM: What are your thoughts about the second half of the season?

AD: I’m just worried about my team and making a big run for the Playoffs. Right now, we just need to play as a fast paced team and not just settle for jump shots, and limit our turnovers.

SLAM: Kareem Abdul0Jabbar says that the center position is a lost art. You agree?

AD: Guys just have different parts of their game now, it’s a league where guys are multitalented, you gonna find a guy that’s 7 foot that can handle the ball and a 5-9 guy that can jump out the gym. It’s not just about being stagnant.

SLAM: Do you think you can add Kareem’s famous sky hook to your arsenal?

AD: I don’t see why not.