Gucci goes Beijing (The Real deal)

by August 21, 2008

By Konate Primus
13 days into the games and today’s items represent pure beauty. Similar to the beauty of all of the lovely female athletes that competed in the semi final rounds of women’s indoor volleyball (Cuba vs.USA), Alison Felix run the 200m or Usain Bolt busting loose dancehall moves after his second Olympic gold in addition to another world record.

The Italians may not prove to be a world power in sports at these Olympics but these next items show they are such a powerful force with in the world of fashion as many of us already knew.

The shoes, I’m not so crazy about but, the time piece and “China Red” cruiser are absolutely amazing. God bless the Italian design! The bicycle alone can run you $3420! Besides the sneakers, watch and bike, the line includes a Mahjong set, a panda bear stuffed animal, dog tag necklace, and two pieces of luggage for $3150