K1X Supporting Cancer-Stricken Baller

Ademola Okulaja is a very good reason to buy a dope t-shirt. Team Germany’s power forward–also known as The Warrior in Bamberg–is fighting the battle of his life against cancer. Doctors diagnosed his condiction in July.

“The warior will be back” is the message, available exclusively at Ballerz World (Bamberg) and on KICKZ.com. The imprint shows Okulajas’s trademark glare, that embodies K1X’s claim “play hard–don’t embarrass our products” to perfection. The edition volume of 513 tees is a tribute to Okulajas’ jersey numbers for the German national team (No. 5) and his current team (Brose Baskets Bamberg), as well as his alma matter North Carolina (No. 13). The tee costs € 20. Every cent will go to KINDerLEBEN e.V., a cancer charity organization for kids, which Okulaja specifically chose for this cause.

The Warrior will be back!

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