Kicksology: Jrue Holiday

by Adam Figman / @afigman

Along with his status as a California native, a Philadelphia 76er, a starting point guard, and, as of this season, an All-Star, Jrue Holiday is also a certified sneakerhead. We caught up quickly with the fourth-year NBAer at the adidas VIP Suite during All-Star Weekend in Houston to talk kicks—and beneath the short Q+A you can check out the sneaks Holiday has worn through the years of his still-young basketball career.

SLAM: Have you always been into sneakers?

Jrue Holiday: Oh yeah, yeah.

SLAM: What were some of your favorites growing up?

JH: Obviously there were the Jordans—the Jordan IVs, the Jordan XIs, the Jordan XIIIs were my favorites. The adidas Crazy 8s when they came out were one of my favorite shoes to play in on the court.

SLAM: Do you have any specific sneaker memories from when you were younger?

JH: I was in the 8th grade and I actually had the Tracy McGradys, and there was a little kid talking about, “Oh, I don’t know why you basketball players worry about your shoes so much—why are they always so clean?” And he stepped on my shoes in class. I punched him in the stomach. I feel bad now, but at the time it was like, man, you can’t just step on my shoes and try to get away with it. We became friends after that [laughs].

SLAM: What is it an easy decision to sign with adidas when you came into the League?

JH: It was pretty easy. I’ve been playing with them since I think my sophomore year of high school, and I’m very familiar with all the people, very familiar with the shoes, and even the brand—on the court, off the court. I mean, the shell toes, the old-school Top Tens, all that.

Roll through the gallery below to check out the Sixers point guard’s footwear history. All photos via Getty Images.