Kicksology List

If you picked up the new issue of KICKS, you saw the contest we ran in the First Step section — there are 25 pictures of shoes, and we want you to guess who’s rocking what. The prize? Nothing! But the answers are below…

1. Matt Bonner, And 1. Yes, Matt Bonner.
2. JR Smith, Adidas. It’s rare that we see his feet actually on the ground.
3. Ray Allen, Jordan. Who else has a game that sweet?
4. Dwight Howard, Adidas. The three stripes still make good use of the patent leather.
5. Jermaine O’Neal, Nike
6. Christian Laettner, Converse — DWade takes care of his boys.
7. Eddie Jones, Jordan — EJ always reps MJ.
8. Morris Peterson, Reebok
9. Chucky Atkins, P. Miller
10. David Wesley, And 1
11. Marcus Camby, And 1
12. Andres Nocioni, Adidas
13. Derek Fisher, Nike. There may still not be a better hoop shoe.
14. Luke Walton, Nike. What happened to the signature L.A. Gears?!
15. Tim Thomas, Adidas. They match with the Knicks’ throwbacks, we promise.
16. Anthony Johnson, Nike. When did the Pacers add royal blue to their color scheme?
17. Ricky Davis, Nike
18. Latrell Sprewell, Adidas. Following CWebb in wearing every brand on the planet, Dada included.
19. Lamar Odom, Nike
20. Anthony Carter, And 1. Probably thought that was a Celtic, huh?
21. Carlos Arroyo, And 1
22. Chris Mihm, Nike
23. Fred Jones, Jordan
24. Chauncey Billups, Adidas
25. Brian Grant, Nike . Don’t let the initials fool you.