Lebron Drops More Than Buckets in NYC

by November 25, 2008

by Konate Primus

It’s become tradition for LBJ to drop a New York City shoe ever since he dropped the graffiti LBJ IV’s and the pinstripe V’s. This year he presents to the city that is willing to throw away all hope for the next 2 seasons just for a shot (a shot not a definite thing but just a shot) at bringing him to New York. The Big apple VI’s, inspired by the bold color of the red delicious apples will be available at retail locations throughout the city such as NikeTown and House of Hoops by Foot Locker and will retail for a suggested price of $140.

LeBron XI Big Apple

Now it’s all beginning to make more sense! On Friday when the Knicks traded away Jamal Crawford and Z- Bo I was pissed. Pissed off because I had just had a conversation with Khalid on how I felt about the Knicks and their recent success. I told him I was saving judgment until February because my relationship with them is equivalent to a pretty faithful chick who will stand by her man that cheats, lies, doesn’t have a job, clearly is a bum but she loves him. He keeps saying he’s going to change, he’s gonna stop cheating , he promises to look for a job but nothing ever changes for long term. So those actions just furthered my point and boy do I hate being right.

Was I right though? No. I didn’t feel so right after really thinking about it. So I sat and thought about it some more and by SLAM I think I’ve got it. LeBron wants to come to New York! He wants the flashing lights the big market and all the New York glam & glitter. That’s why he torches us every time he comes to town, that’s why he drops the NYC and Yankee color way to his shoe every year. He is sending subliminal messages to let N.Y “this is what you can have… you see how I perform in the garden that could be every night, you see the dope a$$ kick I give y’all year in and year out that could be all the time. Yes Cleveland is my city but change is nice… I voted for Obama!” Bron, message received!

I guess I can’t be mad if the Knicks suck for a couple more years as long as I’m receiving James’ message correctly. I mean we been sucking since Pat left so what’s a couple more years. I can share this painful experience with me nephew now! Let us pray I’m right!