LeBron James’ New Shoes to Cost $270

Cheer up, sneaker fiends. You’re getting a discount on LeBron’s new kicks: instead of $315, they’ll only set you back $270. Per the Sun-Sentinel: “In the wake of speculation that Nike’s impending LeBron James release would eclipse the $300 mark, Nike said Thursday that the top end of the ‘LeBron X’ line will go on sale on Sept. 22 for $270. That model, however, will include Nike’s high-end technology package. The more standard model of the shoe will retail for $180. The technologically advanced model will sell for $200 for those who already have the equipment needed to operate the ‘Nike+’ technology. Initial speculation of James’ impending release were price points up to $315, with ESPN and the Wall Street Journal quoting Nike on the actual price.”