LeBron James Defends the Cost of His Sneakers

by October 09, 2012

The high cost of the recently-launched LeBron X has become a source of controversy. According to the Miami Heat superstar, there’s a reason his kicks cost so much. Per the Sun-Sentinel: “Amid the launch for the LeBron X, the model that comes with high-end sneaker-compatible software for $270 and without the added technology for $180, James stressed that it is a matter of offering a variety of options. ‘We have wide ranges of shoes that range from $300 all the way down to $160, $180,’ he said, with the Nike website currently offering a signature James model at $120. He said there is a place for a high-end model, as well as other price points. ‘We have great technology and they do a great job of putting out great shoes and things of that nature,’ he said. ‘But it just bothers you when things aren’t always correct. But other than that, we move on and we get the real facts out there and we live with them.’ Asked if he was involved in the price of his footwear, he said, ‘We just try to do a good job of continuing to innovate the shoe game. Like I said, it’s great technology out there. We go around asking kids and asking people who love shoes what they like to see in shoes and we go from there.'”