PUMA Black History Month Pack (KICKS)

This February, PUMA brings us the Black History Month pack—scroll through the dope images above—honoring athlete Tommie Smith, who raised his fist in black solidarity after historically winning the 200-meter dash in the 1968 Olympics.

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During the 1968 games, Tommie Smith made history by winning the 200m sprint in under 20 seconds. While stepping onto the medal podium to receive his honor, Tommie removed his PUMA Suedes to reveal black socks representing poverty and slavery. He then proceeded to raise his fist – “to stand up for human rights and to stand up for black Americans.” With that gesture and with that moment Tommie altered history and began to dedicate his life to change.


The pack features the classic styles of the PUMA Suede and Sky II High emblazoned with Tommie Smith’s iconic Olympic silhouette. There is also an assorted sampling of apparel and accessories in the mix.


Additionally, in an effort to connect two local Atlanta men committed to change and activism, Tommie Smith met earlier this month with Killer Mike to discuss Tommie’s iconic moment in 1968, his extensive advocacy for social justice and the affect Tommie had on Killer Mike as a child.



The pack will be available at The PUMA Lab Powered by Foot Locker, Sheikh Shoes and Villa among other national retailers.