Reebok To Re-Release The Question

by December 03, 2009

by Chris O’Leary Reebok Question re-release

When Allen Iverson suits up for the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday night against Denver, the throwback feeling will run from head (AI’s braids and jersey) to toe, in the form of his first signature sneaker from Reebok, the Question.

To commemorate Iverson’s return to Philly, Reebok has set their main man up with the shoe he rocked as a rookie. He’ll be wearing the white and red Question on Monday in front of the fans in Philly as they cheer him on in against the team he left the club for in 2006.

Just like Iverson has shaped the culture of the game for a generation, his first shoe has done the same. More than any other sneaker Iverson has worn in his tenure with Reebok, the Question has become a staple for sneakerheads, whether they wear the shoe on the court or off of it.

The shoe isn’t just exclusive to AI, either. It’ll release in a limited quantity on Saturday and will be available at Foot Locker. If the supplied photo is any indication, an all-black version will be dropping too. Below is a statement from Reebok:

“Reebok is thrilled Allen Iverson will be returning to Philly to reunite with the team and fans who helped make him the 10-time All-Star he is today.  Allen has a very special relationship with Sixers fans that have always stood by him throughout his career.  Allen has been an important member of the Reebok family since he joined the NBA in 1996, the year he debuted his first Reebok basketball shoe – The Question.  Allen enjoyed a tremendous career with the Sixers wearing the Question and subsequent Answer series, scoring an average of 27 points through more than 10 seasons.  In honor of Allen’s highly anticipated return to the Sixers, Reebok is launching a special, limited-edition collection of the original white/red Question.  The first time Allen wore the Question was with the Sixers, so it is fitting that the return of the shoe comes with Allen’s return to his team.  Allen will wear the Question during his first home game. We know Philly fans will enjoy watching his distinct style of play that makes him the one and only Allen Iverson. As always, Reebok is behind Allen every step of the way.”

And since we’re in throwback mode, enjoy this retro clip of a rookie AI doing his thing in his Questions.