The SagerStrong Nike Air Force One

Craig Sager has brightened up NBA sidelines for more than 25 years now, bringing not only a sense of professionalism to the job, but also a set of very flashy suits.

Now, in cooperation with the SagerStrong Foundation, TNT/Bleacher Report and Auction Cause, NIKEiD is auctioning off 100 pairs of bespoke Air Force One’s designed by the fashion icon himself. A portion of the proceeds will go to the SagerStrong Foundation, which aims to help those battling leukemia.

Here’s more information, via Nike, on how to get your hands on a fresh pair of SagerStrongs:

The NIKEiD/SagerStrong Bespoke AF1 is limited to 100 pairs.


All 100 pairs will be auctioned off in the United States through Bleacher Report and Auction Cause. Auction Cause will organize the pairs in 100 unique auction lots that will individually bid on. 


At the conclusion of each lot’s allotted auction time the winner’s information will be gathered and the NIKEiD team will help them build the one of a kind product in the winner’s chosen size.


The building process will take approximately 30 days. When each product is built, it will be sent directly to the auction winner.

Scroll through the pics above for a detailed look at the shoes that embody Sager so well. The 100 pairs are being auctioned off on eBay for Charity, and the proceeds are going to Sagerstrong Foundation.

Photos courtesy of Nike