The Gift Every Collector Wants This X-Mas

by December 22, 2008

by Konate Primus

Scheduled for release in the next few days are two long awaited color-ways of Jordan Brand’s best hybrid yet and a crazy limited pair of vibrant infared 23’s! The AJ23’s will be limited to only 23 pairs a store and retail for $230.00 while the Spizike will not be so limited or expensive only retailing for a whapping $175.00. I guess Jordan brand didn’t get the memo about money being tight this holiday season. Then again people find ways to make things happen when loves involved.

Also a new color-way of the Lebron six’s will be available for viewing on Thursday as the cavs take on the Wiz but no word on availablity yet. Oh so pretty but oh so sad!

How does one choose? Lebron or Kobe? Kobe or Jordan? Jordan or Lebron? For me its simple order of elimination…

Lets start with Lebron or Kobe… still talking about sneakers by the way. lets start with the Lebron six Chalk edition ( will be worn on Xmas day against wiz) in one word: Sick! Kobe’s Shoe on the other hand any colorway: WEAK! for some reason I Can’t get into thos low tops for some reason, I thought designers would have learned from Gilbert and past happenings that low top oncourt shoes are a Wack way to introduce a new hoop shoe. But I must say the Kobe 4x hyperdunks are so sweet they make my teeth hurt just thinking about ’em. So that solves that problem, Kobe OUT Lebron IN!

Next we have Kobe or Jordan? I’m a fan of the XX3’s and very rare are you going to beat the colorway of Red on Black and once again low tops don’t rock… especially for basketball kicks!… Much like on-court Kobes you have a ways to catch up.

Jordan or Lebron? oh, this one is close it actually took some thought but then was decided by a loop hole.

The XX3’s are comfortable, great hoop shoe, light weight, but they are super expensive and I dont really like how they fit with jeans. The Lebron Six’s on the other hand are incredibley stylish, great to wear with jeans or shorts, not so flexible but they arent available for retail just yet? So Jordan wins… again!