WATCH: Go Inside the Business of Basketball with Sports Agents, Executives and More in LEAGUEBIZ Series

The game around the game. LEAGUEBIZ is our new series, in partnership with Tidal League, that highlight the people who love basketball and used it to launch amazing careers as executives, sports agents, photographers, agency founders and more.

Hosted by Denis Boateng, the debut episode—which is now live on SLAM’s YouTube channel—features Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady and his OBL (Ones Basketball League) partner Lisle Bowen alongside Alexys Feaster, long-time NBA executive and founder of The Kinship Advisors.

Check out the first episode here.

Future episodes feature NBA team executives, player agents, basketball photographers, agency founders and more. The first season of League Biz includes five episodes in total and will roll out every two weeks over the next two months.

To follow as each episodes rolls out, follow SLAM’s YouTube channel and the @LeagueBiz Instagram page.