Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade Discuss the Evolution of NBA Fashion on LeagueFits’ ‘Survival of the Fitted’

“If you’re not on LeagueFits, you’re whack.”

Fashion has always been a part of the game. From their on-court kicks to the fits player’s are rockin’ in the tunnel, everyone is keeping tabs on what their favorite hoopers are wearing throughout the season. LeagueFits has always been at the forefront of basketball fashion (iykyk), and they’ve even got you covered with a weekly newsletter, Where Do I Cop? that spotlights the 11 best fits featured on LF from that week and where you can cop them (subscribe here).

When it comes to the evolution of fashion across the Association, LeagueFits went ahead and chopped it up with the legends themselves. NBA greats Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony, two of the most influential and iconic superstars to ever play the game, recently appeared this week’s episode of Survival of the Fitted, along with iconic Creative Directors Calyann Barnett and Khalilah Beavers to talk about the beginning of their fashion careers, how fashion has evolved since the 2003 NBA Draft (we have an entire special issue dedicated to that legendary draft class) and more.

Hosted by LeagueFits’ Ian Piero and Joe Williams, they also discussed the origins of the NBA dress code, where they want to see fashion go next and the inspiration behind “The Shop Miami”—their closet sale, which starts today, features items from some of your favorite stars on LeagueFits. You can check out The Shop Miami here.

“None of us created fashion, you just brought your own twist to it and we did what works best for me and you,” Wade told LeagueFits.

“Survival of the Fitted” is available on all streaming platforms, subscribe here.