LeagueFits’ Exclusive Newsletter, ‘Where Do I Cop?’ Spotlights Fashion Around the League

One scroll through the comment section on (any) LeagueFits post will tell you all that you need to know: not only do basketball and fashion enthusiasts alike want to know what players around the League are wearing, but they also want to know where they can cop all the heat for themselves.

Well, now you can finally stop lurking through the comments and tags and know exactly where to buy some of the drippiest pieces featured on LF in an exclusive newsletter, Where Do I Cop?

Each week, the visionary behind LeagueFits, Ian Pierno, will spotlight the best 11 pieces from LF and where you can cop ’em. From Yeezys to the very Dior sweater vest Shai Gilgeous-Alexander wore on his birthday, the newsletter is a catalogue of fire fits delivered right to your inbox. That hoodie, graphic tee, pair of kicks or jeans you’ve been looking around for after you saw your favorite hooper rock it at Paris Fashion Week, or last season in the tunnel? We got you.

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