SLAM & BAU Present: Real Deal (97) Mix

by February 12, 2013

As we told you yesterday, to celebrate the coming All-Star Weekend and the re-release of adidas’ ‘Real Deal’ sneaker, we teamed up with Frank The Butcher and adidas to bring you a brand new mix to keep your head ringin’ through the weekend festivities. Below is the tracklist, featuring a healthy dose of classics from ’97 and freestyles from newer artists putting their own personal flavor on classic instrumentals, along with a few words from Frank The Butcher to give you a full scope of the inspiration behind the mix. Enjoy!

The Real Deal (97) Mix is inspired by the 1997 release of the adidas ‘Real Deal’ basketball shoe and the hip-hop music that was released in the same year. Both the shoe and the music represented the end of the “mid-nineties” in aesthetic and sound. This new era wasn’t an abandonment of ideals from the previous, but more of a modernization of familiar elements pushing style towards the dawn of the new millennium. Basketball has always been the official sport of hip-hop music with both sharing a “do or die” competitive mentality that propels players or rappers, sometimes from the most dire straits, into unimaginable success based on a talent they developed in the streets.

This mix is a selection of our favorite songs from ’97 with some of today’s best revisiting some key beats of that year.

Whether it’s rapping in the hallway with your crew or playing 5-on-5 at your local court—the only way to be respected is to be the “real deal”.

—Frank The Butcher / BAU

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1 – Real Deal Intro

2 – Jay Z  – Where I’m From

3 – M.O.P – World Famous

4 – Maffew Ragazino – Real Deal Freestyle

5 – Redman – Whuteva Man

6 – Puff Daddy (Featuring LOX, Lil Kim & Biggie) – All About The Benjamins

7 – Cella Dwellas – Main Aim

8 – EPMD – Da Joint

9 – Notorious B.I.G – Kick In The Door

10 – Freeway – Real Deal Freestyle

11 – Gang Starr – You Know My Steez

12 – The Firm – Phone Tap

13 – Mayhem Lauren – Real Deal Freestyle

14 – Wu-Tang Clan – As High As Wu Tang Gets

15 – Wu Tang – Triumph

16 – Royal Flush – Rotten Apple

17 – Busta Rhymes – Rhymes Galore

18 – The Kid Daytona – Real Deal Freestyle

19 – Tha Alkaholiks – Hip Hop Drunkies

20 – Big Pun & Fat Joe – Twins (Dj 7L Real Deal Remix)

21 – LL Cool J (feat. DMX, Redman, Method Man) – 4,3,2,1

22 – Paul Mighty – Real Deal Freestyle

23 – Jay-Z – Streets is Watching

24 – Krondon – Real Deal Freestyle

25 – Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz – Deja Vu

26 – The Beatnuts – Off the Books

27 – Puffy Feat. Notorious B.I.G – Victory