Phil Jackson Thinks Lamar Odom Is a Curler

by October 09, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Lamar Odom and Phil Jackson’s simmering beef this preseason had seemingly cooled down, with Lamar remaining in the starting lineup and being asked to handle point guard duties.

Following the Lakers’ first exhibition game on Tuesday, a loss against Utah in which Odom was simply awful (he had more fouls than points or assists), Phil did not hide his disappointment. In fact, he laid into Odom in his own inimitably hilarious fashion.

From the LA Times:

“I just got through telling him that this is really basketball now,” Jackson said Wednesday. “He looks like he’s either curling or doing some other kind of sport. He’s not playing basketball.

“The first shot he took was a three-pointer in the middle of the third quarter? That was pretty interesting.”

Funny, I had no clue that Lamar hailed from Nova Scotia.

Phil’s mind games are nothing new (and most of his players are familiar with them), however, there comes a time when his criticism goes from motivating a guy to flat-out embarrassing him. We’re getting to that point with Lamar. One gets the feeling that this shall not end well.