Report: Stephen Jackson Wants to Be Dealt

by December 24, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Can you blame him?

The Warriors’ season up to this point has been an absolute disaster. Their best (and most expensive) player was lost to a freak accident before the first jump-ball, and it has all gone downhill from there, culminating in an ugly 8-22 record.

And now, Stephen Jackson (who recently signed an extension with the team) reportedly wants out of this mess. So sayeth ESPN:

Jackson, according to several sources, recently told teammates he’d happily accept being sent elsewhere.

However bad it looks at 8-22, it’s way worse behind the scenes. According to sources, Jackson, Nelson’s staunchest ally in the locker room, was called into Nelson’s car when he showed up for the team’s shootaround before facing Orlando. Nelson apparently told Jackson he was playing poorly and Jackson, who had been fighting through injuries to stay on the court, was so upset he skipped the shootaround. Jackson denied any lingering conflict, but he has since decided not to play until his injuries heal.

The article, written by Ric Bucher and his shiny hair, goes on to claim that a few of Jackson’s teammates are also looking to jump ship – namely, Marcus Williams and Corey Maggette. Also, don’t forget that Don Nelson doesn’t seem all that jazzed to show up to work everyday anymore.

Is it just me, or do the 2007 Playoffs seem like they took place 100 years ago?