2008-’09 MVP: Michael Beasley?

by October 03, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Welcome inside the mind of one Michael Beasley. It’s certainly an interesting place.

The Miami Heat rookie, taking a page out of fellow rookie Derrick Rose’s book, is looking to win more than just a measly Rookie of the Year award at the end of his first season in the NBA.

From the Washington Post:

“I want to be MVP, no disrespect to nobody,” Beasley said Monday after the Heat’s practice at American Airlines Arena. “I don’t ever want to be second best. I feel I can walk down those steps to the locker room and be better than everybody else . . . I think going for rookie of the year is selling myself short.”

The kid’s swag is definitely intact, no question about that.

I’m sure that D-Wade and Shawn Marion will love hearing how highly their new teammate thinks of himself. Or not.

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