2015 NBA Rookies Pick Their Favorite Emojis

by July 08, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 5.18.10 PM

Emojis are all the rage in the NBA right now, as evidence by today’s string of tweets surrounding the on-going DeAndre Jordan free agency saga:

With that in mind, it’s only right that we revisit the favorite emojis from this year’s NBA Rookie Class. Before they walked across the stage to shake Adam Silver’s hand at the 2015 NBA Draft, we asked every prospect that dropped by our Draft Suite to identify his favorite emoji. Here’s what we learned:


Just to recap some of the highlights, Stanley Johnson (0:18 seconds in) said he sent the kissy face emoji probably five minutes ago:

And Heat rookie Justise Winslow might take the top spot with his answer and his reasons for why—look out ladies:

You can watch all of our interviews with the 2015 NBA Rookie Class—including the all-important emoji question—over at Foot Locker’s YouTube page.

So, which player has the best go-to emoji? You be the judge.