2019 Bi-Annual Exception List

The Bi-Annual Exception is a tool laid out in the collective bargaining agreement that lets teams sign a player for more than the minimum salary.

The BAE is available to teams over the cap but under the tax apron (which, in this case, is calculated after applying the player in question’s new BAE deal to the team’s books). Teams with cap room are not eligible for the BAE.

The exception can only be used once every two seasons. It also can not be split up. If a team uses part of it, they lose access to all of it. This is regardless of whether the deal signed using the BAE was for one or two seasons.

The amount of the exception for players signed this offseason is as follow:


Here’s a list of teams that have used the BAE over the past two seasons:

Dallas MavericksBoban Marjanovic
Detroit PistonsMarkieff Morris
Milwaukee BucksBrook Lopez
New Orleans PelicansElfrid Payton
New York KnicksAllonzo Trier
San Antonio SpursDante Cunningham

This list, maintained by @AustinKent and @NBACrouse, includes only players who have been confirmed to be acquired via the bi-annual exception. We’ll add to it as information is reported.