2019 NBA Mid-Level Exception Tracker

The Mid-Level Exception is a resource that teams over the salary cap have to add additional talent. The standard MLE allows for contracts of up to four years with raises of 5%.

If a franchise is currently a taxpayer or projects to be over the luxury tax line at any point during the season, they only have access to the taxpayer’s mid-level exception. This version of the MLE comes with 5% raises but has a much smaller starting salary and can only be used to offer players at most three-year deals.

YearNon-Taxpayer MLETaxpayer MLE

Let’s take a look at how teams have used the mid-level exception this offseason. This post will be updated as franchises make additional moves.

(Note: Teams have the ability to split up their MLE on several players as the Raptors did recently).

TeamPlayerYears TotalStatus
DETDerrick Rose2$15.0MNon
HOUDanuel House3$11.1MTax
Tyson Chandler1Tax
MEMTyus Jones3$26.5MNon
MIAKZ Okpala3$4.2MNon
ORLAl-Farouq Aminu3$29.1MNon
PORRodney Hood2$11.7MTax
SASTrey Lyles*$11.0Non
TORPatrick McCaw2$8.0MNon
Stanley Johnson2$7.4MNon
Matt Thomas3$4.2MNon
WASIsh Smith2$12.0MNon

Non = Non-Taxpayers’ MLE
Tax = Taxpayers’ MLE

*Originally committed to Marcus Morris.