A moment in time with Z-Bo

By Sam Rubenstein

Last night, the SLAM contingent of myself, Appleson, and Ben Osborne went to the Knicks-Nuggets game. That’s 4 people if you’ve lost count. Lang chose team loyalty and went out to Jersey to watch his Hawks. Not a good choice on this night. There will be game notes from both.

The Appleson Knicks-Nugs notes will be epic, but I have one important development to add.

I made some strides in my lifelong dream to become a member of Hoop Family. After Zach Randolph‘s monster game (22 and 17, big plays down the stretch) I spoke with him in the locker room for a little bit. Moving beyond the small talk and basketball stuff, I asked how he was adjusting to New York with my favorite loaded question “So, what have you been up to?”

“Relaxing, playing video games.”

“Yeah? Anything else? Have you been enjoying the New York life? Going out at all?”

And then the NY beat writer media crush moved in so I had to drop it. To be continued…

It is a weird feeling to say the Knicks fought hard and beat a better team last night. The promise of Z-Bo and Eddy Curry was fulfilled for a night, Jamal Crawford had one of his lights out spurts where he can’t miss, Balkman was everywhere, and Nate Robinson showed amazing… discipline and restraint? Did that happen? Stay tuned for the Appleson Game Notes on this one.

Holly took care of the majority of the night with her recaps. Those will be up very shortly.