Agent Zero Wants His Money

by Marcel Mutoni

Forget the Lakers, the Wiz are the League’s most surprising team this season. Playing without their injured superstar shooting guard, Gilbert Arenas, Washington had done more than just tread water: Not only are they in Playoff contention (4th in the East), but they’ve forced everyone sit up a little straighter by beating the juggernaut Boston Celtics twice.

So, what’s the injured Gilbert talking about these days? How well his team is playing without him? Commenting on teammate Caron Butler’s near-MVP play, perhaps? Sure, he’s done a bit of that, but what Gil is really focusing on these days is his cash, homey! From his blog:

I want to get a six-year deal. I want to be a max player. If my team decides that they don’t want me here any more and they’re going to go in a different direction, then I got to look elsewhere. For me to look elsewhere, I want to go find a championship team who’s a championship contender. I’m going to have to take less money, but I’m willing to do that to win a ring. If my team doesn’t want me, then I’m going to another team and I’m going to take less money to go there.

Earlier in the week, GIl made similar comments and I’m a tad confused as to why he won’t shut up about his contract. Gilbert, you’re a max player; stop worrying about it. Your team would be crazy not to pay you (assuming your knee if fully healed, of course). You’re making everyone nervous for no reason. Just stop.

For the conspiracy theorists out there: Could it be, perhaps, that Gil secretly wants to leave DC for a larger market and this is his clumsily convoluted exit plan? Discuss.