AI, Dajuan and Ow! Ming

“Tomorrow’s an exhibition game, but it’s the (expletive) Cavs. That’s all I’m going to say.” — Doc Rivers.

“I tried to joke with Vince about how much I love David Stern and the new basketball, but Vince didn’t really get it. I was like, ‘God, the NBA is great — I love being a part of it.’ Vince really didn’t get the joke. I said, ‘Vince, I’m miked. We’re supposed to play it off.’ So he just goes, ‘Yeah, my fault.'” — Richard Jefferson, on wearing a microphone for NBATV during practice.

• Preseason action is underway, and the Raptors were looking forward to showcasing rookie Andrea Bargnani…until he picked up 5 fouls in 13 minutes. And Andrew Bogut is officially on the chilling list after tearing a ligament in his knee.

• This is interesting: The NBA has apparently instituted a no-tolerance rule regarding complaining to the officials. And guess who’s taking it personally? Sheed.

• Ow! Ming will miss another 10 days after having a toenail removed. And T-Mac takes a swipe at Reebok.

• Allen Iverson breaks down the Philadelphia Eagles. Khalid?

• Looks who’s starting for the Warriors: Juanny! And it looks like Bassy will get the start at the point for the Celtics.

• There’s been an arrest in the Pacers case in Indy. Meanwhile, Jackson was sentenced to an extra year of probation in the Detroit Brawl case. And Jermaine O’Neal goes to court in Detroit today for a case from the guy JO completely decked during the brawl. Good to see things settling down in Indianapolis.

• Scott Skiles says the Bulls may use a 12-man rotation during the season, which seems insane. And Michael Sweetney just can’t drop the weight.

• The Hawks are shooting a new video for the pregame introductions involving suits, jets and Escalades (low here). And if it doesn’t work for the Hawks, they’ll sell the footage to T.I. for his next video.

• After an exhaustive “search” for a new GM, the Blazers have named Steve Patterson, the interim GM, the real GM. Canzano swears he sees right through it.

• takes it to Peter Vecsey.

• Shareef and Kenny Thomas nearly threw ‘bows.

• I have a hard time believing a 6-7 Frenchman was able to walk around downtown Denver without drawing a second glance, but whatever.

• Isiah Thomas as George Costanza? And funny stuff about Stephon holding a grudge against Larry Brown.

• Not good: Hedo Turkoglu is suffering from a mystery illness in Orlando.

• Mason better be getting a cut of this.

• Kerry Kittles is still hanging around in Jersey.

• Love the note at the end here. I really hope Gelabele’s first touch is at halfcourt.