AI: Golden Nugget

by Lang Whitaker

So the deal appears to be done. I just heard that the Sixers have reached a deal to send Allen Iverson to the Denver Nuggets, which now officially become 45 percent more gangsta. (Side note for you the Wire fans: Someone told me the next time Melo’s in B-More he needs to stop in at Cutty’s Gym to work on his punches.)

I’d heard late last week that the hold-up in moving AI to Denver was that Denver was reluctant to move JR Smith and the Sixers were demanding that JR be a part of the deal. Now it seems to be Andre Miller as the main piece, with Joe Smith and some picks in there.

(Update: says it’s AI to Philly for Dre, Joe Smith and two first-round picks — Denver’s and Dallas’s picks.)

Now AI and Melo will be on the same team, and Philly not only has the best shot at getting Greg Oden in the lottery, they’ll have a lot of assets they sould use to try and trade into the number one spot.

What do you guys think? When Melo returns will he and AI be able to play together? Did Philly get adequate value for AI?

UPDATE: The biggest question: Will DerMarr Johnson give up number 3 for AI? How much cash will he hold out for?