AK-47 to Stay in Russia?

by September 21, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

We all know about Andrei Kirilenko’s unhappiness in Utah: He doesn’t get enough touches on the offensive end, he’s not playing the minutes he feels that he deserves, and Jazz coach, Jerry Sloan, is a big ol’ ball-busting meanie. But is all of this enough to make the man leave not just the Jazz, but the entire League?

According to a published report in the Sports Express, a Russian paper, Kirilenko is contemplating a life of balling in Russia.

“The previous season let me understand that I can’t progress in Utah,” Kirilenko said. “Jerry Sloan is a super-coach who has taken the team to playoffs a number of times, but we are split over basketball issues.”

“I want to do what I enjoy doing, and I think the emotions that I experienced with the national side are worth going back to Russia and playing there for Russian supporters,” Kirilenko said.

Though I suspect that some of this may be a case of words getting lost in translation, and even though the Jazz have repeatedly stressed that they have no interest in dealing AK-47, one has to think that Kirilenko’s days in Utah are numbered if not altogether finished.

As for Kirilenko giving up that NBA cake, I’ll paraphrase my old man whenever I go up to him and ask for some cash: Get the f*ck outta here!