Al Harrington: Limbo Rock

by Lang Whitaker

One of the first posts I wrote on here, back while we were trying to figure out how all this stuff worked, was about Al Harrington and the Hawks. And as we wrote two weeks ago, Al Harrington’s people said there were three teams in play for his services.

Well, I heard today that there’s one team left in play: Indiana, which is close to trading for Harrington and a brand new 6 year, $60 million contract that’s waiting for his signature.

In return, they’d give up — get this — nobody! A draft pick and cash is all Atlanta would receive. No Jeff Foster? No David Harrison? Not even Danny Granger? (He’s a swingman, after all.) Nope. Just cash and picks, which sounds like a country music song.

From what I hear, this is nearly completed, and RealGM even said it was going to happen today, then amended that to say that nothing was going to happen today. I spoke with a veteran NBA-related person today who’s been closely following all of this and was told the hold-up in making something happen so far has been Atlanta.

Someone once vented to me that working with Hawks GM Billy Knight can be “frustrating.”
But hey, isn’t that how all good leaders are? They frustrate you, they tell their followers (the fans) that they’re not as smart as their leader, when you shake their hand they try to squeeze the bones out of it. Then, when you’re not looking, they just might rob you blind. Or the other way around.