All-Star 2009: Final Balloting Update

by January 08, 2009

by Ryne Nelson

That’s right, this is the fourth, and last, balloting update before all votes finalize in 11 days. Watch out for a few close races: Yi riding on KG’s coattails, Melo surpassing Amare, and CP3 falling behind TMac. If you ask me, if Yi has two more 20+ point games soon, he’ll jump Garnett. Starters will be announced Jan. 22, prior to a TNT doubleheader. Reserves will be announced one week later.

East Forwards
Player Votes
LeBron James 1,940,162
Kevin Garnett 1,375,814
Yi Jianlian 1,216,348
Chris Bosh 751,927
Paul Pierce 486,656
East Guards
Player Votes
Dwyane Wade 1,818,717
Allen Iverson 1,278,600
Vince Carter 856,498
Ray Allen 552,094
Devin Harris 474,637
East Centers
Player Votes
Dwight Howard 2,102,368
Samuel Dalembert 257,527
Rasheed Wallace 255,950
Jermaine O’Neal 224,583
Andrew Bogut 198,811

West Forwards
Player Votes
Tim Duncan 1,454,918
Carmelo Anthony 905,121
Amar’e Stoudemire 894,690
Ron Artest 890,992
Dirk Nowitzki 837,482
West Guards
Player Votes
Kobe Bryant 1,903,798
Tracy McGrady 1,216,224
Chris Paul 1,059,161
Manu Ginobili 669,837
Tony Parker 614,939
West Centers
Player Votes
Yao Ming 1,758,499
Shaquille O’Neal 1,006,383
Andrew Bynum 356,280
Mehmet Okur 292,845
Greg Oden 195,552