Amare Trade Offers: Suns Reportedly Willing to Listen

by Marcel Mutoni

Amare Stoudemire’s unhappiness with his role in the Phoenix Suns’ offense is the League’s worst-kept secret. No longer secret now, it seems, is his team’s willingness to ship him out of town.

Yahoo! Sports kick-started the STAT trade furor yesterday, and now virtually every media outlet in the Valley of the Sun is echoing them. The Arizona Republic for instance:

As with previous years when Stoudemire trades were considered, there has been a reluctance to deal a young, athletic big man. His lack of progression defensively, long-term knee concerns and inconsistency in effort and understanding have made the idea palatable, especially when he laments his shot counts.

Stoudemire certainly is not the only issue. He just may be the one the Suns address because he is valuable.

According to reports, Phoenix’s front-office wants Amare in the Eastern Conference should they trade him.

What’s interesting, is that Steve Kerr has reportedly told rival GM’s that everyone but Steve Nash is available on the Suns’ roster. Which, I’m sure, will make Steve feel just wonderful.