Amare, Varejao, Common & Tupac

by Lang Whitaker

• Remember the elbow Anderson Varejao dropped on Greek guard Nikos Zizis during the World Championships? (If you don’t, watch this.) Well, Zizis is so angry about it that he’s now reportedly ready to take legal action against Varejao. Brian Windhorst explores the difficulties this lawsuit could endure even just coming to trial.

• Marc Spears tracks down Lonnie Lynn, former streetball star and ABA player and…Common’s Dad?

• Meanwhile, Paul Coro finds out Amare is using Tupac for inspiration. (And note how Amare mentions he’s back to doing windmill dunks off of one leg.)

• I can’t get the permalink to work, but Canzano has a note a ways down here about JJ Redick getting so drunk he “peed his pants.”

• You know they’re getting desperate in Boston when they’re wondering if Theo Ratliff will be the reason the Celtics finally become contenders. Is this a different Theo Ratliff the rest of us don’t know about?

• David Aldridge on the Hall of Fame ceremonies.