Andre Iguodala Ready to ‘Have Some Fun’ Throughout the Rest of His NBA Tenure

Having returned to the Bay after signing the veteran minimum with the Warriors during the offseason, Andre Iguodala says he’s going to enjoy the rest of his NBA career and “have some fun.”

“The NBA salary cap won’t allow me to play too much longer, but I’m going to enjoy it,” Iguodala told “Whether it’s one year or seven years left, I’m going to have some fun.”

Warriors’ head coach Steve Kerr also revealed that Iguodala, who is currently averaging 4.2 points and 5.4 rebounds this season, has taken on a mentorship role and that his presence brings “stability” to the team.

“It’s like we lost our soul a little bit the last two years,” Kerr said per “Getting him back brings a level of stability, intelligence, and basketball IQ. But he’s also mentoring the younger guys. Everything that he’s stood for during those championship years, he still stands for. We need that veteran presence. I’m thrilled that he’s back.”

With that, GM Bob Meyers says he’s even fitting back in “seamlessly.”

“I’m amazed on how he takes care of himself. He’s a good model for younger players to emulate as far as how he takes care of his body, how he takes care of his mind and how he keeps stimulated off the court. He’s a really good model for how to approach an NBA career.”