Andre Miller: Blake Griffin’s No All-Star

by Marcel Mutoni@marcel_mutoni

When the All-Star reserves were announced last night, fans and media began complaining en masse about who was snubbed and those that supposedly did not deserve to be All-Stars this season. NBA players, on the other hand, took a much more diplomatic approach to things.

Well, most of them anyway.

Andre Miller lamented teammate LaMarcus Aldridge’s exclusion from the All-Star game, and used the opportunity to bash Blake Griffin and the hype that surrounds the explosive rookie. But, um, Andre Miller is no hater according to Andre Miller.

The Oregonian brings us the quotes:

When told Aldridge did not make the team, Miller cursed. “It’s all publicity and hype,’’ Miller said. “The league don’t appreciate the blue collar workers. They don’t appreciate that. They make their money off the high-flyers … That’s a slap in the face to LA.’’

What particularly irked Miller, who is in his 12th NBA season, is the selection of Griffin, the Clippers rookie. Griffin is averaging 23.0 points and 12.7 rebounds. “They are putting this guy on every ESPN highlight. Yeah, it’s cool because fans want to see that, but you isolate him from his team,’’ Miller said. “Especially … he ain’t made nobody better. It’s basically his rookie year, as an All-Star? LeBron James didn’t make an All-Star team as a rookie.’’

“LA was supposed to make it. He was supposed to make it,’’ Miller continued. “We have a better record than those guys (the 19-29 Clippers), and LA is putting up just as good numbers. Now, you are not goin’ to see a lot of highlights – Blake Griffin highlights and stuff like that – but they are giving these young guys too much respect. Too much respect to the young guys. It’s good for him personally; I’m not no hater. But I am biased toward my teammate. No. 1, we have better record, and No. 2, (Aldridge) is just as good and he has paid his dues.’’

Miller and Griffin of course have history — the two got into a highly amusing shoving match two months ago, for which ‘Dre received a suspension.

Andre Miller is right to a degree. There is a tremendous amount of hype around the Blake Griffin Show, but here’s the thing: it’s totally deserved. Despite the discrepancy in team records between the Blazers and Clippers, there’s absolutely no way LaMarcus Aldridge should be an All-Star over Blake.

Stop hating, Andre Miller.