Andrew Wiggins: ‘The Last Couple Years Haven’t Been the Best for Me’

Andrew Wiggins admits he’s had a rough two-year stretch in Minnesota, but believes he’ll bounce back next season.

Wiggins says he will be “back on track” in 2019-20.

The 24-year-old is excited to play in new Timberwolves head coach Ryan Saunders‘ offense.

Per The Pioneer Press:

“I feel like I was at a good pace, and then the last couple years haven’t been the best for me,” Wiggins said last week. “The main thing for me is to get back on track.”

He noted how Saunders put the ball in his hands more late last season, and, subsequently, Wiggins’ aggressiveness increased.

“I feel like I was getting back into a really good groove,” Wiggins said, “and the confidence and everything was there.”

Karl-Anthony Towns said that, with their contracts, the responsibility belongs to he and Wiggins to take the Wolves as far as they can go. It’s time for Wiggins to shoulder more of that load.

“I feel confident in the changes we made this year, this summer,” Wiggins said. “And I feel confident that I’ll be back on track this season.”

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