Anthony Davis: ‘I’m the Best in the World’

by July 02, 2019

Anthony Davis is the best player on the planet, according to Anthony Davis.

Davis, 26, citing his all-around abilities, says he wants to be known as “the most dominant player in the game.”

The superstar big fella adds that he doesn’t feel any added pressure as he enters a “new chapter” of his career with LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Per Sports Illustrated:

Where do you think you rank among players in today’s NBA, and why?

AD: “I’m the best in the world. I think I do a lot of things that a lot of players can’t do as far as playing a complete game. I can play on the block, play on the perimeter, play defense on both ends, switch 1-5, guard, score the basketball. I want to be the most dominant player in the game, and I’m going to continue to do that. Obviously you have players like Kawhi [Leonard], [Kevin Durant], LeBron, Steph [Curry] all of those guys who are the same way. They’re great players, talented players, Hall of Famers, and that’s what makes our game fun. Everyone wants to be the best in the league. Everyone wants to be the most dominant, and that’s when our competitive edge comes out on the floor and makes the game so fun to watch.”

When it’s all said and done, what do you want to achieve hope your legacy in this league is?

AD: “I want to be a champion. I want to be a guy who works hard and loves to play the game of basketball, a guy that loves being in the community and helping the kids out, giving back. Those are the most important thing for me as far as legacy, and that’s what I want my legacy to be.”

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