‘We’re Going to Protect Our Brother’: Anthony Davis on LeBron James-Isaiah Stewart Incident

On Sunday, LeBron James was ejected during the Lakers matchup against the Pistons after receiving a flagrant 2 foul for hitting Pistons power forward Isaiah Stewart in the face. Stewart, who had to be held back, received two technical fouls.

The incident happened at the 9:18 mark in the third quarter.

James and Stewart did not make any comments about the incident after the game, but Lakers power forward Anthony Davis shared his feelings on the incident and how his team came together to support James.

“Everyone in the league knows LeBron’s not a dirty guy,” Davis said via ESPN. “In fact, when he knew he hit him, as soon as he did it, he looked back at him like, ‘Oh, my bad. I didn’t try to do it.'”

“I don’t know what he was trying to do,” he said of Stewart. “But I know nobody on our team, 1 through 15, was having it. We’re going to protect our brother. I’ve never, in 10 years, seen a player try to do that as long as I’ve been playing. … It’s uncalled for. You got a cut above your eye, accidental-like, it wasn’t on purpose. And we weren’t going to allow him to keep charging our brother like that. I don’t know what he was trying to do, but we wasn’t going to allow that.”

This is the second ejection of James’ 19-year career with the other one happening on Nov. 28, 2017 when the Cavaliers took on the Miami Heat. If he is suspended, he could miss the team’s only scheduled matchup at Madison Square Garden this season.

LeBron James had 10 points in 21 minutes before his ejection.