Antoine Walker Wants His Freedom, Too

by February 27, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Sam Cassell has hogged all of the “Unhappy Vet Wants to Leave Crummy Team and Join a Contender” headlines of late, but let’s not forget that Antoine Walker and his shimmy are discussing a buyout with the T-Wolves.

Forward Antoine Walker still hopes he and the team can come to an agreement on a buyout that would allow him to clear waivers and join another team by March 1. “We’re talking, both sides,” Walker said. “We’re trying to figure out a number that will work for both sides.”

Say what you will about ‘Toine, and I’ve said plenty, but the fact remains that he could actually help a Playoff-bound team.

And sure, he may take one shot (or six) too many from time to time, but he has plenty of postseason experience, and veteran presence in the locker room at this time of year is more valuable than crude oil.