Anybody Want Some Knicks?

by February 12, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Anyone, anyone, Bueller?

Rumor has it that Isiah Thomas and the Knick braintrust (is there such a thing?) are trying to unload both Zach Randolph and Eddy Curry before the trade deadline.

By putting Curry and Randolph on the block, Thomas is admitting that his two most-recent major acquisitions have not panned out. In addressing Curry, Thomas admitted he’s accumulated too many nice guys and wants to see more of an edge from his players.

It’s a little known secret, but Isiah hates nice people. He wants guys who would do anything to win. Kill, even. Too bad Ray Lewis doesn’t play basketball.

If Curry and Randolph both get traded, I can only hope that Stephon Marbury will find it within him to react in similar fashion to when the Knicks acquired Z-Bo this past summer.

(Update: Zach Randolph still knows how to throw a great party.)