Are the Suns About to Fire Terry Porter?

by February 13, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Happy All-Star Weekend, Terry Porter. You’re fired! Maybe…

Word on the street, er, Web, is that the Suns are about to relieve their first-year coach of his duties. And that word, comes from the NY Post — so take it for what it’s worth:

Meanwhile, according to a Phoenix source, Porter will be replaced by Kerr, who recently completed a crash correspondence coaching course taught by McHale and Tony DiLeo.

A relatively plugged-in Suns blog is also hearing similar rumors about the Suns’ head coach.

If Porter were to be given his walking papers, it wouldn’t exactly be a shocking move on the part of Steve Kerr and co. He has failed, spectacularly, to get the players to buy into his system, and let’s just say the city of Phoenix isn’t planning any parade routes for mid-to-late June.

The Suns might want to hold off on the firing until after the weekend to save everyone involved a few headaches.