Arenas Could Miss Up to Two Months

by Marcel Mutoni

News of Gilbert Arenas’s third knee surgery forced him back into the blogosphere, and his latest entry clocks in at well over 2000 words. Good thing he’s not the one doing the typing.

The man talks about the thought process he went through before deciding to get the surgery done, his love of the game (dude’s got something like 42 basketballs in his home), and predicts when he will don a Wizards uni again.

From the blog:

” I know time frames are dicey, but they said anywhere from mid December to January 1, I’ll be back by then at 100 percent. I should be, if everything goes well. So that’s the Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza present I’m hoping for. I’ve done been in crutches for so long that I hate the word ‘crutch.’ “

The initial prediction was that Gilbert would miss the first month of the season. Now, from the horse’s mouth, we’re being told not to expect Agent Zero until quite possibly the new year.

Though obviously frustrated, Gil manages to sound hopeful and optimistic in the post. Something tells me Wizards fans aren’t sharing the same feelings after getting through the read.