Arenas Not Playing Despite Medical Clearance

by April 02, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

A little over a week ago, Gilbert was blaming those darn team doctors for keeping him in street clothes. According to Arenas, he was ready to play but they were holding him back. And now, the other side of the story has come out.

The problem isn’t with the overly cautious doctors; Gil is apparently the one who isn’t ready to hit the court.

In an interesting new twist to the Gilbert Arenas situation, Arenas was cleared to play on Saturday by team doctor Marc Connell. That means Arenas could have played as soon as Sunday against the Lakers.

All talk, Gilbert? So unlike you!

The Wizards are hosting the Bucks tonight, and Arenas is not expected to be in uniform.

Be careful what you wish for, Gilbert. Ready or not, you might just get it.