Austin Rivers: ‘I Want to Destroy [LeBron] on the Court One Day’

by March 04, 2011

Doc Rivers’ kid doesn’t lack in confidence, to say the least, and plans on following in his father’s footsteps of getting in the way of LeBron James and others once he makes it to the NBA. The Sporting News reports: “Q: ‘You’re rated one of the best players in the nation—but you routinely rub elbows with the best players in the world. Which players are you most in awe of?’ A: ‘Well, I’ve met Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen—you name it. A lot of people ask me who I’ve met through my dad, and they’re in awe when they hear the names of the players, but I’ve never looked at it like that. It’s cool meeting all of them, but I really want to be in their situation one day. I don’t want to just meet LeBron, I want to destroy him on the court one day.'”