B-ball blues!

by July 24, 2008

By Konate Primus

It always hits me pretty hard around this time of year; T.V sucks! During basketball season there are so many things revolved around B-ball whether its classic, NBA Tuesday/ Fastbreak or even Sportcenter. As soon as the season’s over its like the NBA is just as important as High school, its like sort of important but it doesn’t really matter in actual life. There are a few mentions of it immediately afterwards but as the summer goes on its like it doesn’t exist almost. Am I wrong for feeling that baseball and football are always on my t.v screen, but basketball is only from November to June? Is it just me or does anybody else feel like this? I mean it’s so annoying to turn on ESPN “The Premier sports network” and not see any freaking basketball. Folks, I don’t want sit here and rant and rave but, I’ve been watching hrs upon hrs of futureweapons and the greatsest catch, and don’t get me wrong, those shows are great and very informative but damn! I need a lil b-ball in my life. I’ll settle for old High school games, all star weekend playback, And 1, anything! I need a fix and my dealer is stunting on me!

Last night I ended up watching a re-run of “Real world” and “I love money”. Real world was good for the first few minutes because one of the guys got punched in his face and slammed to the ground but then it got really boring and went to shambles quickly. “I love money” is just so ignorant and funny, I cant believe people allow themselves to be made such fools of, but it is quite entertaining. Still, no cure for my basketball jones, so what did I do? The same thing you do with your 8hrs of work… search you tube for basketball games and I found a few classic joints. A few Dream team clips sustained my hunger but the best was this Video clip of Shaq jumping over the Escalade! It might be a guerilla ad by Nike on the low but, I don’t know if they would really do a bit like this. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.