Bam Adebayo: ‘I’m Trying to Change Basketball’

Miami Heat center Bam Adebayo has already proved that he’s one of the most versatile centers in the league.

Now, his sights are on becoming one of very best, to have his name mentioned amongst the greatest power forwards and centers.

According to ESPN’s Nick Friedell, Adebayo shared how he wants to leave a lasting legacy on the game:

“I definitely want to be, long time down the road when my career ends, whenever somebody mentions a top-five center or top-five power forward, they always got to mention my name,” Adebayo says. “That’s how I want to be remembered. Keep changing basketball.”

“I feel like I’m trying to change basketball,” he adds. “Being a center, being able to play both sides of the ball and being able to pass as well as I can, that’s a difference-maker on a team, especially at the center spot, so it’s respect at all levels.”

The NBA All-Star averaged 15.9 points and 10.2 rebounds during the regular season, then played a pivotal role in the Heats’ playoff run. Only in his third season, Adebayo has already earned praise by his peers, including D’Angelo Russell.

As the season approaches, he says that he is currently feeling “good” and “healthy”. His goals are simple: figure out how the team can win and bring the ‘Chip to South Beach.

“Now it’s my time to figure out how we can win, how we can get to that level — where we can raise that trophy,” Adebayo says. “That’s my goal. That’s the responsibility that I have, and I’m going to figure that out one way or another.”

The Heat are all in, having just signed Adebayo to a five-year, $163 million contract extension. They a nickname for him, too:

“My nickname in the organization is ‘No Ceiling,'” Adebayo said. “So that gives you a point of where I want my game to be. I want to have no ceiling and be the best player that I can be and win this city a championship.”