Barkley on Boston: Ugly Team, Ugly Unis

by August 31, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

The Round Mound was recently interviewed by NESN, and he was asked about the new-look Celtics. As usual, Barkley had an unusual and amusing take on the matter:

You know the Celtics, their uniforms have gotten better. And they got a better looking team, because in the 80s, with McHale, Bird, and Parish, they had the ugliest team in NBA history. They had Bill Walton [he] was ugly too. I think their team is much better looking with Paul and Ray and Kevin. But their uniforms have gotten better and their team has gotten much better looking in the 2000s.

Normally, I agree with a lot of what Sir Charles has to say, but this…this is just wrong.

I mean, of course Bird and co. were ugly (repulsive, even), but they had some really nice jerseys. In fact, I would rank the Celtic unis from the ’80s in the top 5 among the dopest jerseys ever.