Baron Davis Finally Arrives in Hollywood

by July 02, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Last year in the LA Times, there was an article written about how Baron Davis’s life – despite the basketball genius, and accompanying fame and fortune – was missing something. Mainly, the opportunity to display his basketball talent in his hometown. Well, that no longer appears to be an issue. Baron is back home, and will don an LA Clipper jersey next season.

Assuming that Elton Brand re-signs, Los Angeles appears to have two legitimate basketball teams once again – as opposed to one true team, plus some other squad that no one truly wants to acknowledge.

“It’s tough, but you have to do what’s best,” Davis said. “You have to do what’s fair. I’m happy with where I’m going. A big reason is because of the impact and the things that I can do going forward.

I knew I could have done them here and created all kinds of good things and positive things in the community, and ultimately, me going home helps me make an impact on young kids.”

Though it was somewhat shocking to see him opt out of his deal with the Warriors, its wholly unsurprising to see Baron back home. He quite obviously cares for his community – and you can always check out “Made in America“, the powerful documentary he helped produce for visual proof – and with a golden opportunity to revive the town’s other, star crossed team, it’s a win-win situation for Davis.

As for the Warriors, though they just lost their most marketable star,ย they now have a little more cap room to attract big name free agents. Someone like Gilbert Arenas, perhaps?