Baron Davis to Houston?

by February 19, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

The speculative madness will, at last, come to an end this afternoon (3pm). But until then, let’s continue with the wild rumors, shall we?

The first bit of madness today, is this report that the Houston Rockets are supposedly interested in acquiring Baron Davis. From TSN:

There could be a new guard in town for the Rockets — and it’s not Vince Carter. Houston has moved into negotiations with the Clippers for point guard Baron Davis, a source close to Davis told on Wednesday. “It would be best for everyone if Baron moved on,” the source said.


If the Clippers can get out of Davis’ contract now, they will seize the opportunity, even if it means taking back the oft-injured McGrady in return.

Assuming there’s even a bit of truth to this rumor (which is already being disputed), I sure would love to know which of Rockets GM Daryl Morey’s fancy math formulas convinced him that this could possibly turn out to be a good idea.