Baron Davis to Motown?

by Marcel Mutoni

If you’re into the NBA rumor game, then there’s nothing better than Draft Week, when every overpaid NBA star seems to be on the trade block.

Today, for instance, we have Baron Davis (who wisely decided that he wasn’t quite prepared to leave nearly $20 mil on the table and test his luck in free agency) possibly getting shipped off to Detroit.

Given that stalemate, it’s possible that Davis, who wants to stay in the Bay Area but was disappointed with the lowball offers from the Warriors, will ask to be dealt.

And the team source said that the Detroit Pistons, rebuffed initially in their attempts to pry forward Carmelo Anthony from the Denver Nuggets, are now looking at Davis as a potential target.

It’s no secret that Joe Dumars has an itchy trigger finger these days, therefore it shouldn’t surprise anyone that his team is involved in trade speculation on a daily basis.

Invariably, this proposed deal would have to include Chauncey Billups and Rasheed Wallace. And according to the linked article, for the deal to work under the salary cap, the Warriors would have to toss in another player, someone like the unhappy Al Harrington.

Talk about two franchises completely changing things up, should this go through.