Basketball stat nerd fight

By Sam Rubenstein

I enjoy basketball statistics and all kinds of theories on what causes basketball teams to win or lose. I have read Malcolm Gladwell books and  John Hollinger columns. I enjoy reading their nerdiologist writings, and Lord knows I am into some nerdy stuff myself. For example, last night I watched this entire 50 minute video about the history of the Legend of Zelda series. (I needed something light hearted to take my mind of other stuff, such as the murderous rage that flows through my ice cold heart at the mention of a New York football team.) That was nerdy. But here is a battle that is raging between Gladwell and Hollinger and some other guy about basketball stats.

Gladwell sets it off.

The wages of wins guy David Berri rides with Gladwell, going after Hollinger.

And The Abbott has Hollinger’s response.

Which of course leads to another response from Berri.

As long as this stays on blogs and nobody gets shot. Keep it on wax! We’ve lost too many great basketball writers to beef.

Okay. Back to cursing the day I was born.